• movos
New vibration absorption system
Ride quality controlled on the supporting point

METAPHYS Movos offers a smooth and comfortable ride on uneven city road surfaces. The center pivot coil suspension system installed in the middle of the cycle frame absorbs shock against the cycle and achives a pleasant ride.

Center pivot coil suspension structure
The movos is equipped with a suspension system specialized in impact absorption, ensuring good ride quality on uneven streets. The suspension unit can be adjusted as you like by turning the ring on the spring. The center pivot coil suspension structure on the center of the front frame provides stable cushion performance and form with one-of-a-kind new frame. A quieter rear brake is mounted on the central axis of the rear wheel.
Foldable handle
As the handle can be folded when storing in the corridor of a condominium, it doesn’t get in the way.*The bicycle itself is not foldable.
Specially selected parts
The bicycle is composed of specially selected parts, such as pedals, saddle, tires, and chain gears and cranks. The thumb-operated six-speed shifter is easy to control, enabling easy riding even on an upward slope. In addition to the impact absorbing suspension system, the saddle made of flexible materials is friendly to women. Uses 20-inch contact tires made by Kenda. The tires are smooth for riding on paved roads and offer excellent grip performance but are still quiet on asphalt roads. A high-performance roller brake with excellent braking power and durability, requiring almost no maintenance, is used as the rear brake. The colors of the parts are selected according to that of the frame.
  • White
  • Black
  • Silver

2010 Good Design Award

price ¥37,904(without tax)
name movos
code 92010
size W1610mm×D580mm
tire size:20inch×1.95
material frame:6061 aluminum frame
front fork:steel
weight 14.8kg
color white/black/silver
partner company Asahi Cycle Co.,Ltd.