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  • lago
A design makes one want to run a fingertip along
Lake on a desk

The loose dents make one want to run a fingertip along the work as a vessel for wetting a stamp. It can also be used as a tray while the cover is removed.

  • White
  • Black

2006 Good Design Award

price 2,000yen(without tax)
name lago - desk tray
code 44022
size W120mm x H24mm x D120mm
material ABS
weight 101g
color White / Black
accessories Body
The path in designing soto, lago, and volca.
The theme this time was to create a small summer resort on the desk.

Usability, universal design, functionality, adequate pricing, and other factors ― a wave of no-nonsense routinism trends is coming into the world of stationery, which is supposed to be fun. I feel suffocated when I look at A-student stationery.
Soto, volca, and lago mean forest, volcano, and lake, respectively, in Spanish. The line of the three landscape trays invite you for a little relaxation. Soto provides various uses by leveraging the forest-like shape; you can place cards, store rings, and play a ring toss game with rubber bands. You might feel as though you were on holiday at the moment you toss a rubber band. Volca is a clip stocker. When you take one clip out, volcanic flames of clips come out one after another from the crater. Lago is a multipurpose tray with a hollow in the center of the cover. For example, you can store stamps in the tray and put a little water in the hollow. When you want to wet a stamp, slide it into the lake.

The image of soto is a forest
The image of volca is a volcano
The image of lago is a lake