• lucano
Simplified cross-section form
Organization of visual information

Created a totally new stepstool for harmonizing with a contemporary space as we re-composed it from an ordinal stepstool as a tool. By making the le gs an d steps with triangular section, it looks slimmer and neater with minimum visual information.

It stands by itself even when folded. It is beautiful even when not in use.
Safety aspect
The top of the step is smooth and has grips for both safety and design.
Equipped with a one-touch bar function. You can lock it securely by pressing the bar when opening it, and you can fold it simply by lifting the bar when closing it.
AN7Susuki acquired the SG mark, a certification standard for safety and quality.
It has been designed in consideration of quality including the stability, balance, and load bearing.
Use scene
Use at home
Steppers are used more frequently than you think in the living environment.
You can also use it as a stool.
Use in a store
A shapely tool even if it is left open.
Its simple beauty and utility fit the image of a store.
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange

2009 Good Design Award
2009 Kansei-kachi Sohzo Museum Kobe
2010 JIDA Design Museum
2010 Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best

price ¥15,000(without tax)
name lucano
code 94010
size close: W483.5mm x H621.5mm x D155mm
open: W483.5mm x H557.9mm x D567.7mm
material aluminum,ABS
weight 3.0kg
color White / Orange / Black
partner company HASEGAWA Kogyo co.,Ltd.