• maisonette
A bag that is always flat
Two-story bag
Generally, small items such as wallets and mobile phones tend to be forgotten about as they lay at the bottom of your bag, making it overlap and appear bulky. Maisonetto is designed to be slim by sorting items into different sizes – small accessories fit into the upper pocket and documents can be
stored under the main pocket.
Adjustable handle
The handles are adjustable, which allows the bag to be used as a shoulder bag by extending the handle and as a hobo-style bag by shortening the handles. The handles, which can be freely adjusted to any size to suite anyone. The design – as well as the size – suits both men and women.

Photographed by: VADE MECVM. Showroom #2 Gallery Shop + Café
Pockets for storing small items
The bag has four pockets: two on the inside and two on the outside for storing small items. The outside pockets are suitable for storing frequently used items. The magnet on the top retains the shape of the bag. The adjuster of the handle is hidden behind the internal pocket, and does not interfere with the removal or storage of items.
By undoing the bottom zipper, the width of the bag can be adjusted depending on the capacity.
The METAPHYS logo is embossed on the pull of the zipper in the same color as the bag.
After transparent polyurethane film is crimped on the highly dense woven No. 10 canvas, dying contracts the surface, producing a high-quality original leather-like look.
Unisex design
Because of its simple shape and high-quality sense of material, both men and women can use the bag formally and casually.
  • White
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Black

2009 Good Design Award

price ¥18,857(without tax)
name maisonette
code 84010
size W395mm x H415mm x D25mm
material canvas
weight 730g
color white/orange/brown/black
partner company Matsushita Luggage Co., Ltd.