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Fun to stack cups
Sake drinkware creating a sacred atmosphere

METAPHYS suiu is sake set with a motif of “kagami-mochi”, a traditional Japanese rice cake. The product is made of tin, which is known for traditional Japanese crafts, and makes sake a smoother and mellower taste. If this sake set is served during the feast, the uncommon shape will allure a lively conversation

Two types of tiers
Two-tiered drinkware for enjoying sake leisurely by oneself and three-tiered drinkware for creating a place for dialog between two people. A two-tiered set containing one sake cup and a three-tiered set containing one large cup and one small cup are available. The suiu drinkware has a slightly matte-surfaced produced by sandblasting, providing a soft and comfortable texture that moderately alleviates the cold spreading to the hand. *The suiu is dedicated for cold sake.
Reason for using authentic tin
Tin, safe to the human body, is said to absorb impurities and purify water and has been used for drinkware for 1,300 years. All suiu products are made of authentic tin with a proof mark engraved on the bottom. Authentic tin generally contains 95% to 97% tin, warranted by the Tinware Business Cooperative Association. The sake becomes pure and mellow when it is poured into authentic tin drinkware. Tin drinkware is easy to care for with no smell as it resists oxidizing and rust.
Gift package
All suiu products are packed in paulownia boxes. They are ideal as gifts for weddings, sixtieth birthdays, Father’s day, Respect-for-the-Aged Day, and for important people as a thank you.
Traditional technique
Tin drinkware manufactured with the ancient technique of casting tin into a casting mold and turning it out on a lathe has been designated as “Osaka Naniwa Suzuki,” Traditional Crafts Designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1983. This combination of techniques and crafts passing on Japanese heritage to the next generation and the design of Metaphys produced suiu.

2013 Design for Asia Award
2013 Grand Award

price 63070 2stage-set:28,000yen(without tax)
63071 3stage-set:35,000yen(without tax)
name suiu
code 63070:2stage-set
size/weight 2stage-set
katakuchi : φ97 × H52 ・ 250g
cup : φ84 × H24 ・ 140g
stacking : φ97 × H64 ・ 390g
katakuchi : φ97 × H52 / 250g
cup(large): φ84 × H25 / 180g
cup(small) : φ67 × H19 / 110g
stacking : φ97 × H79 / 540g
material tin
capacity 2stage-set
katakuchi : 180ml/ maximum capacity: 250ml
cup : 85ml
katakuchi : 180ml/ maximum capacity: 250ml
cup(large) : 85ml
cup(small) : 40ml
accessories manual・package box of paulownia wood
partner company Osakasuzuki