• tronc
A tree to replace the importance of information by location
Visualization of information

METAPHYS Tronc is a card stand, which not only puts postcards or business cards in order but also utilizes information more efficiently by visualizing and positioning the importance of information. For example, put the card you do not want to forget on top position. Tronc is designed to be beautiful and functional by applying a human behavior, “Memorizing information by positions”.

A tree grown with memory
As a shop card and name card holder, information is displayed and organized according to interest and importance.
Detail Base
The signature of Chiaki Murata is indented.
Detail Pole
An insert designed so that cards are arranged in a beautiful spiral. As it is carefully processed, you can insert cards smoothly.
price ¥9,800yen(without tax)
name tronc
code 44080
size φ100 x H546mm x D100mm
weight 290g
material aluminum
partner company KATSUHARA Factory Corporation