• escargot
A design that cannot be subtracted any more
Concept of timeless

The design concept for this tape cutter is how much we can simplify the design, though leaving some expression without detracting the function of tape cutter. Among many designs, users seem to get bored soon, we worked on a design that remains fresh in 10 years. One interesting feature of the design is that the tape cutter looks very different depending on whether it is placed vertically or horizontally, and the colors and materials to use.

How To Use
Holding the body so that the blade edge faces to the left like in the image and turning it clockwise, it is divided into two for the replacement of the tape.
- When closing the body, hold it in the same manner as when opening it and slowly turn it counterclockwise until the slot and the blade tip overlap.
*Tape of up to 18 mm in width is available both for large and small sizes.
  • White
  • Black

2006 Good Design Award

price small: 1,500yen(without tax)
large: 2,000yen(without tax)
name escargot - tape cutter
code 44011
size small: W40*H75*D105
large: W40*H110*D115
material Polycarbonate
weight small: 53.5g
large: 106g
color White/Black
accessories Tape:18mm(width)/Manual