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Concept of direct mounting
Negative ion generator to be directly mounted

A small electric appliance with a power cord on the floor gets in your way or may cause tripping hazards. The models that can be directly plugged into the outlet are designed so that there are no tangled cords on the floor. To avoid the demerit of occupying one outlet, a tap with double outlets is attached. The first series products are minus ion generators, which freshen small, closed, and plus-ionized spaces.


2005 Good Design Award

price ¥18,000yen(without tax)
name kion - Negative Ion Generator
code 12040
size W120mm x H120mm x D34mm
weight 300g
color White
terms of a guarantee 1 year from day of purchase
accessories Body/Manual
power supply AC100V(50/60Hz)
energy consumption 2.2W(on) 0.3W(off)
temperature -10-35degrees 95%RH
range of temperature -10-40 degrees 85%RH
adapter under 14A(total 2 adapters)
situation of using room only