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Clipping grassland
Minimal miniature garden

Part of the stretching miniature garden is clipped and brought inside a room. A planter in which you can enjoy casting seeds and growing germinated plants.

How to grow
1. Put the water retention agent into the blister tray.
*Pour water of the amount specified in the manual for each planter into a measuring cup.
*Do not use the wrong amount because plants will find it hard to form buds.
2. Add water little by little.
*Add water while stirring with chopsticks.
3. Stir well from the end to make the water-retention gel.
Add water little by little to the tray.
The water retention agent pectizes immediately after it touches the water. Stir well while adding water.
*Insufficient stirring causes lumps.
4. Flat water retention agent.
After completely dissolving the water retention agent, flatten the surface of the water retention gel.
*Uneven water retention agent causes seeds to gather, making it difficult for them to germinate in the gel.

*You can make the water-holding gel in a measuring cup or by putting water in the tray and adding the water retention agent. Use the correct amount of water and use all the water retention agent.
5. Lay the orchard grass seed.
Sow orchard grass seeds on even water retention gel. Kneading the seeds with your fingertips, sow the seeds so that their intervals are equal. After sowing the seeds, mist the seeds with water.
*Keep the mister about 20 cm from the tray and gently mist the seeds so that they are not buried in the water retention gel.
6. Grow orchard grass.
When the surface dries, further mist the seeds. Keep the mister about 20 cm from the tray and gently mist the seeds so that they are not buried in the water retention gel.
*When the gel completely dries, it will not pectize any more even by adding water. Do not allow the gel to dry.

The first sprouts appear in one week to 10 days. Enjoy the plant growth while supplying water.

2005 Good Design Award

price square small: 3,000yen(without tax)
square large: 4,500yen(without tax)
stand: 8,000yen(without tax)
circle: 6,000yen(without tax)
name factory - planter
code 31021
size square small: W170*H170*D85
square large: W340*H170*D85
stand: W170*H1186*D170
circle: W400*H50*D400
material ABS
color White
the term of a guarantee 1 year from day of purchase
Orchard grass
price 500yen(without tax)
set 種:1.5gx個装2袋
必要分量 factory square small: 種・保水材 個装各1袋
factory rectangle: 種・保水材 個装各2袋
factory circle: 種・保水材 個装各4袋
The path in designing factory

The naming of factory is far from the image of this work. The real meaning lies in the way the planter is used. 
In the initial concept, a new feature to grow, harvest, and eat was added in order to go one step further from the traditional style of planters, that is, for ornamental purposes. The naming of factory came from the image where plants grow one after another in the simple form of stacked planters as if products were produced in a factory. However, as it was impossible to control the hygienic status in the process of growing plants, it was thought to be difficult to maintain the concept of eating, so its feature was removed. As a result, the concept changed from eat to see and the planter has become a place where you enjoy sowing seeds and seeing the sprouts. I hope this microcosm of life will provide a little pleasure to the minds caught up in work at a desk.